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Sat, 02 Sep 2006

Linux Troubleshooting

various, Linux Troubleshooting for System
Administrators and Power Users, Prentice Hall/HP

This is really quite good. As they say, this is a book directed at Sys Admins and power users and inbuilt in that title is an assumption that you already know more than a little bit. It could be used by a talented and enquiring beginner but that's not the intention of the thing.

Sensibly enough, the book starts with boot, startup, and shutdown issues, and makes its way from there through sections such as hangs and panics, performance and performance tools, adding storage, device failure, and a bunch more including security and network issues.

Console tools are the tools of choice here and input and output are frequently shown along with a lot of interesting comment and advice. Have you ever struggled with the likes of "dd"? If you even know what it does, this could be a helpful book for you.

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