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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Mac Music

Keith Gemmell, Making Music on the Apple Mac,
PC Publishing

This slim book is a primer on how to get making music on Macs. As such it's a bit difficult to criticize on the basis of not going into enough detail in various sections. It looks at the various Macs available now, looks at the interfaces and software (including the GarageBand which comes with all Macs) and looks at ways of working.

What it also does is think pretty much inside the box. What about ported Linux apps? What about Supercollider, Pd, Max, and suchlike? What about ... well, the list goes on, and as I said before it's a bit unfair.

So, this is for someone who wants to get going at making music but, for the moment at least, isn't very ambitious in an aesthetic or technical sense. The more ambitious will then have to read elsewhere.

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