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Mon, 30 May 2005

Make - the magazine

Make: technology on your time published by O'Reilly

We've only just got to see the first issue of this new mag from O'Reilly. Quite fun it is too. Last year we had at least two books of geek projects and now we have a magazine as well. As they say "181 pages of D.I.Y. Technology.

It is nicely and clearly laid out as well and some of the projects are kite aerial photography, a video camera stabilizer, a five-in-one network cable, a magnetic stripe reader (well, what we really want is a writer), how to solder, and much, much more including "ten cool gmail hacks" which is part of a section called "online".

In the end, the appeal of this sort of publication depends on whether the projects tickle your fancy but there's also a can-do spirit about such things that make them fun even if the projects aren't something you want to surrender a weekend to.

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