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Thu, 01 Dec 2005


Geoffrey Willans, Ronald Searle, 
The Compleet Molesworth, 
paperback, Pavilion

"History started badly and hav been getting steadily worse". So saith Nigel Molesworth and such wisdoom shuld be respected. Our hero is a boarding schul boy frum the fifties and he spelleth as gud as we. There are lots of drawings by Ronald Searle witch illutsrate the reality of pre-politikally-corect life and give envalualbe lesons in how to survive amidst the teror of masters with kanes, bulies, parents, and suchlike problemms.

Talking of witches, which we wer only by a speling mistake, reminds us to sa that this volume culd be a valuable counter title to the latest in the Hogwarts series. In fact, and mabe yu don't beleeve this, but Hogwarts is mentioned in this buuk! We kid not, even tho it were written almost fifty years before JKR. As it hapens, it were title of little pla by N. Molesworth called The Hogwarts by Marcus Plautus Moleworthus witch, as yu can see, has a jokey latin seting.

And as iph that wasnt enuogh of a wondar of presciense, ther is allso a menntion of Google! Really! Somethinhg about google eyes but no mension of computers or internets.

Posibly this no longer been printed but mabe it is. Ah, actually Penguin has somethign lik it just called Molesworth -- out now.

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