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Mon, 31 Oct 2005

Motion Blur

Shane Walter + Matt Hanson, Eds motion blur: onedotzero 
graphic moving imagemakers + DVD, Laurence King
ISBN 1-85669-465-8

There are several groups of people who might be interested in this book. First of all, animators could use it for inspiration. People looking for animators could use it as a style guide. Ordinary folk can look at the cutting edge videos on the DVD, and browse the book.

The book gives a section to each animation team, shows some frames and pictures to give you some visual clues, and then has an interview asking about aspects of their work.

As you'd expect from Laurence King the book is a graphical treat and the DVD has some very cool stuff on it together with quite a lot of music. Some of the tracks could be used as a sort of moving abstract art on your big-screen TV.

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