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Sat, 03 Feb 2007

Icky Food

Felicity Lawrence, Not on the Label,

Most everyone these days is aware that factory food isn't all it could be, that supermarket food is likewise, and that both customers and farmers are getting ripped off.

What does it take to make people actually do something about it? In a lot of cases and places it's actually very difficult to do something about it - particularly in the US and the UK and in the big cities of Australia. The big chains have already killed off most of the smaller shops and specialty bakers, butchers, etc. are very hard to find. When you do find them it's more than likely they'll be using the same polluted supply line as the big boys or in the UK's case you might even get goods which are unfit for human consumption sold by criminals ... maybe other places as well. Quite depressing although criminals and their goods are a side issue here.

This book is another case for the prosecution with numerous examples thrown in to kill your appetite. What to do? That's quite obvious.

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