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Mon, 27 Feb 2006

Open Sources 2.0

DiBona, Cooper, Stone, Eds. Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing Evolution, 

Here is a broad summary of what Open Source means and can mean today. In a series of essays many aspects of the movement are set forth for those who need to know or those that are just plain interested ... and everyone should be interested. The idea of collaborative development can be applied in many areas other than software -- gene manipulation and health care for one. News gathering is another. If you look at the aggregate of quality RSS feeds, what is that other than collaborative news gathering. Finding the quality is another question and making it happen another, and that is all nicely illustrated in an essay about Groklaw.

Business types should especially read this to get a better understanding of what it all means: OS after all isn't against people making money. There are people who are like that but their banner isn't Open Source.

It's pretty good geek reading as well with some nice history essays and some thoroughly technical ones as well. Bleepfest 06 will be a part-day and night event that will be like the Demos of old and where people can have the option to display what they're doing "off stage" to small groups around them or to plug into the PA and be an "event". Events will have time spaces between them so that everybody else isn't drowned out. The object is to attract people who like to play with music as well as people who are quite serious about it. The object is also to create a fun and friendly environment where people can wander around and get new ideas. The event is Operating System Agnostic! bring along your Linux Box, Mac, or Windows machine, or PDA ... or old Atari or Spectrum even!

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