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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Record Label Marketing

Tom Hutchison, Amy Macy, Paul Allen,
Record Label MArketing, Focal Press

This is a fairly serious book on label marketing and takes a look at the sort methods that big labels might employ to market their stuff. Now, if you're not a marketing student, don't clasp your cheeks at the sheer horror of the idea. Actually, the methods used are quite interesting and some of the chart trivia you pick up along the way might also be interesting ... things like the relative sales of CD's, vinyl, singles etc and genre popularity along with the ages of who's actually buying.

All the authors are from Middle Tennessee State University and the book is laid out like the text book it undoubtedly is or will be. We start off with marketing concepts, then look at segments and consumer behaviour, U.S. industry numbers, label operations, profit and loss, how sales are tracked, charts, publicity, and a whole lot more including the internet, and finishing up with marketing plans and the big wide world.

It is nicely written and presented and reflects the reality of the music industry today in how it operates. A lot of people don't like the way the whole thing works but this aspect, people, is interesting by itself.

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