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Mon, 27 Feb 2006

Retro Gaming Hacks

Chris Kohler, Retro Gaming Hacks, O'Reilly

In addition to everything else, this is a pretty good guide to some of the old gaming consoles. The book starts off by examining them in some detail: where to get them, different models etc. It also lists some of the most desirable consoles so if you trip over something in the attic you might have a few more clues than you did.

Next we deal with all sorts of emulators for playing different sorts of games right there on your PC. What you need is outlined along with what to do.

There's a brief section on writing your own adventure games and MUDs, and even how to write a DOS game. You can tell from that the book isn't OS specific. There are mentions of things to do with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Then we're onto hacking some of the games themselves. There's a lot here for keen gamers with an interest beyond the latest commercial release.

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