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Thu, 01 Jun 2006

Rules of Life

Richard Templar, The Rules of Life:
A personal code for Living a Better, Happier,
More Successful Life, Prentice Hall

We don't often look at self-help books but the title of this looked intriguing -- not that there's any arrogant feeling of perfection here. It's just that many of these sorts of books tend towards the soppy and simplistic, or get mystical in ways that are somewhat strange.

As this book is 219 pages of fairly large print, it has to be a little simplistic but in a way that's a design feature -- read the rule, take it in, consider, and then on to the next. Quite a few of the rules are ones you've heard before -- dress and groom properly for the day, the karma thing, have a plan, let go, and things like that.

Being reminded of such things can't be bad if you're in need of a boost (Yes, I do that!) and maybe there are lessons to be learnt as well. There is one nice story under the heading "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" where there is a subway strike and complete pandemonium with people curing and pushing and things bordering on the dangerous. A young mother says to her child "This is what we call an adventure". Such is life.

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