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Mon, 29 Aug 2005

Silence on the Wire

Michal Zalewski, Silence on the Wire, No Starch Press

It behoves all of us to pay some attention to security issues. If a few more ordinary Joes had some sort of clue, there would be a lot less zombie PCs spewing out distraction and destruction. This book isn't really aimed at ordinary Joe however. It goes beyond the currently obvious as far as quite well educated security people are concerned and looks at other possibilities. As such it makes interesting reading for full-on paranoids, hackers, and people involved in coding and security. All of which might make you think that it's a pity it wasn't a better world as all this sort of work that occupies so many people at the moment is, in the greater scheme of things, pretty much a waste of time.

Intellectual curiosity is another thing though and frequently shuns practicality. Here there are quite a few topics that might interest those inclined -- how your keystrokes can be monitored from a long way away, using timing patterns to reconstruct data, emissions, an ethernet flaw and much more besides. It's the sort of thing that if you're interested, you're interested.

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