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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Skateboard Art

Waterhouse and Penhallow, Concrete to Canvas: Skateboarders' Art,
Laurence King

Why is there such a thing as Skateboarders' art and not, say, inline skaters'? I imagine there is inline skater art but it just hasn't become a body of work. With skateboards there's the board itself to serve as a ready canvas for ideas (and note this book is not about skateboard art) which sort of spurs things along and allows for the advertisment of an identity.

Actually there is no real identity. There is no binding style in these interesting works. There is a great variety, ranging from fuzzy-edged graffitti to meticulously worked drawings of some delicacy. There is a common feel though -- that slightly warped Itchy and Skratchy sort of thing, and there's abundant humour.

So anyway, this is a rich graphical trip through one of today's subcultures.

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