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Mon, 02 Oct 2006

Sound System Engineering

Don Davis, Eugene Patronis jr.,
Sound System Engineering, 3rd Ed,
Focal Press

This is just the book you want if you want or need to go beyond your collection of mental and other lore about sound systems and their deployment in the wild.

What we have here is a fiercely scientific approach to everything from sound progagation to signal processing. The first chapter starts off with the relevant maths which is then used to enlighten you on every aspect of this interesting field -- large room acoustics, loudspeakers and loudspeaker arrays, mics, audio measurements, to name just a few. The book finishes with a "putting it all together" chapter followed by one on wiring practices, which most people will find useful, and which doesn't have equations, just useful pictures.

I imagine there will be a few students that blanche when they see this book just because of the common effect of equation-cringe but, as usual, a logical process of understanding is quite easily doable if a calm attitude is adopted!

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