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Mon, 04 Jul 2005


Allison Arieff, Bryan Burkhardt, Spa, Taschen

Do males go to spas? I don't know. In every photo you ever see there's usually a pretty female reclining in some sort of liquid with, maybe, cucumbers covering her eyes. I'm quite curious about this. Maybe the blokes are banished to a beer shed or something ... or maybe the next town.

The way they're depicted, they're a sort of opposite to, say, a rugby tour of New Zealand or one of those faraway fishing places or anywhere for grownups with "camp" in the name.

Anyway, this is a big beautiful book about spas around the world. It is primarily pictorial but there are descriptions for each of the eighty-three spas that are featured. They are in all parts of the world -- Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, North America, South Pacific, and Mexico and South America.

As you make your way through you will discover the mention of one celebrity male -- Robert De Niro in connection with Shambhala at Parrot Quay.

The object of course, for the humans involved, is beautification and purification, and so some pains have been gone to with all these places to make them attractive and soothing and generally good for the old bien-etre. And all of that makes for some pretty pictures.

If you are actually in the market to go to such a place then this book might be an excellent place to go to sort out the contenders.

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