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Fri, 30 Jun 2006

Steal this Computer

Wallace Wang, Steal This Computer Book 4.0, No Starch Press

This book is probably not for those who get upset about the iniquity of parts of the human race. It guides us nicely through the computer and internet underworld and as such it's a fairly good guide to a lot of the possible things that can go wrong.

It is not, however, a criminal's guidebook. The details are mostly left out so budding scipt kiddies will need to do further research.

The book starts off by looking at the early hackers, their attitude (same as now - explore!) and what they did. Then onto the PC pioneers, the internet, and what's happening today and what might be likely to happen in the future. There's also a section on locking down your computer. In this you can save yourself a fair bit of bother (heh, heh, except for getting it going) by using an Operating System like Plan 9.

Have fun.

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