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Sat, 02 Sep 2006

Ubuntu Hacks

J. Oxer, K. Rankin, B. Childers, Ubuntu Hacks:
Tips and Tools for Exploring, and Tuning Linux, O'Reilly

Ubuntu was put together as an easier to approach Debian and since its launch it has grown ever more popular which has been helped along the way by a lot of promotion and people getting out to events armed with loads of discs to give out. As the title suggests a lot of the hacks in this book can relate to just about any Linux distro.

The book does start with installing Ubuntu and then goes onto potentially more general topics such as the Linux desktop and related areas of syncing PDAs and so forth. It looks at multimedia, laptops, different configurations, package management, security, admin, virtualization, and using it as a server.

In a way the book is quite a good starter view of running Linux.

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