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Thu, 30 Mar 2006

VOIP Hacks

Ted Wallingford, VoIP Hacks: Tips and Tools
for Internet Telephony, O'Reilly

Tons of things to play with here on your way to cheaper phone calls. To the general public, VoIP means Skype but there's more to it than that plus there all all sorts of apps that enlarge the experience and variously make it as complicated or as simple as you like.

As usual with the Hacks series, all platforms are talked about and, as it happens, due to the popularity of VoIP, there is a fair bit to talk about.

Here we learn about Analogue Telephony Adaptors and their firmware as a first shot and we go on through 306 pages covering eveything from VoIP while fragging to conrolling the lights with your IP phone. Naturally enough there are sections on Skype and Asterix.

Lots of fun to be had here.

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