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Fri, 30 Jan 2009

Bach, Mutter

J.S. Bach, Violin Concerto in A minor, Violin concerto in E major
Sofia Gubaidulina, In tempus praesens
Anne-Sofie Mutter
London Symphony Orchestra
Valery Gergiev 
Deutsche Grammophon

This is Anne-Sofie Mutter's first Bach recording for Deutsche Grammophon and along with two concertos by the great man there is a modern one by Sofia Gubaidulina. Opinions will vary as to how well these two sit together but people who are interested in Mutter primarily should be quite satisfied.

The second piece isn't completely random though: Gubaidulina is a Russian who has lived in Germany since 1997 and who is inspired by Bach, and who has won prizes in Germany for modern classical music.

Mutter's work here is as usual - rather nice and the recording is of high quality. With DG you even get a decent quality jewel case and insert but don't we all look forward to a larger next format where we can have decent type sizes and less cramped designs. Forget downloads. (Jean le Tellier)

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Purcell Sonatas

Purcell, Sonatas of 3 Parts 1683,
Pavlo Beznosiuk, Rachel Podger,
Christopher Coin, Christopher Hogwood
Editions de l'Oiseau - Lyre

Well, I thought, seeing "Editions de l'Oiseau", absolutely typical that one has to go to France to hear this sort of music by this greatest of English composers. And sonatas too. It's a bit more complicated than that though, as can be seen by reading the list of players. This CD was actually recorded in Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1994.

The Editions de l'Oiseau was founded back in 1973 with the idea of recording period music with period instruments - quite a new idea then. Subsequently, l'Oiseau was acquired by Decca, and this recording is from their archive.

These sonatas were almost a throwaway from Purcell. He wanted to make people aware of what was happening in Italy at the time and to become less enslaved of the music of France (which Charles II was very keen on). His model might have been Archangelo Corelli or possibly Vitali, Cazzati, and Colista.

It is a lovely recording and being able to hear Purcell Sonatas is somewhat of a rarity so I recommend it to you. (Baron K)

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