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Mon, 04 Jul 2005

Bach, Concertos

JS Bach, The Keyboard Concertos - 1
BWV1052, BWV1058, 
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
Triple Concerto

and The Keyboard Concertos - 2
BWV1053, BWV1054, BWV1055, BWV1056, BWV1057

Angela Hewitt
Australian Chamber Orchestra
2 CD's, Hyperion

A virtuoso Canadian piano player who lives in London, the Sydney, Australia, Symphony Orchestra, and a fine Italian piano in an Australian town hall, are the ingredients for this very fine recording of Bach's keyboard concertos. Originally, they were not, of course, performed on a piano, but on a harpsichord, and there might be Early Music fans that lament this, but this is a very tasteful rendering and the egoistic highjinks that are sometimes part of the piano player's reperiore are missing.

The interesting program notes are by Angella Hewitt herself, which is a nice touch. Hewitt is actually an accomplished Bach scholar in her own right, so this is entirely justified. One thing she mentions is that if you were to copy all J.S. Bach's works, it would take you a lifetime! (Count K)

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