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Fri, 01 Apr 2005

Baroque Trumpet

Italian Baroque Trumpet Music
Stephen Keavy, Crispian Steele-Perkins, 
The Farley of Instruments
Peter Holman

LP, Helios

This is a survey CD with works by Albrici, Bononcini, Cazzati, Corelli, Fantini, Franceschini, Mancini, Mayyeis, Pallavacino, Stradella and Viviani.

Early trumpets were a length of tubing bent to form a loop and pitched in C or D and the blowers were not considered to be musicians but rather soldiers with a job to blow fanfares and military noises.

In the 1660's however, in Germany and Bologna, Venice and Rome, efforts were made to incorporate trumpets into orchestral settings. No one is sure who was first with this work but, in any case, here we have some beautiful results to admire.

These are zesty performances and have the nice added advantage for jaded palets (mine is not!) that they will be new to most people. (Count K)

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