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Mon, 02 Oct 2006

British Light Classics

The British Light Music Classic Series
The New London Orchestra
Ronald Corp
4 CD's, Hyperion

"77 tracks of golden nostalgia on 4 compact discs". The accent here is actually mostly on themes such as The Archers, Dr. Findlay's Casebook (Och, Dr. Cameron!), Desert Island Discs, and the like rather than the usual pleasant Victoriana. It is pleasant too and the object of bringing together a collection of tunes that might make listeners hark back to a more pleasant Britain is readily achieved.

British Light Classics
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Barry Wordsworth
2 CD's, Warner Classics

This is a very similar collection to the one above except, as you can see, there are 2 CD's in the box instead of four. In this case though, you get a free download from Warner's website of one more similar track for your iPod or whatever.

Both of these collections are nicely performed so it will boil down to whether you want more or less. (Baron K)

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