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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

Christmas 04

A Christmas Present from Polyphony
Polyphony with City of London Sinfonia
Stephen Layton
LP, Hyperion

A treat for non-commercial carol lovers here: an assortment
that does include well-known carols such as Silent Night,
and Away in a Manger, but mostly consists of less-known 
Christmas carols. These include O Morgenstern, The Sussex 
Mummer's Carol, Shepherd's Pipe Carol, and quite a few
others. Polyphony have a nice, rich sound and it is well

Bath Abbey Girl's Choir sings Christmas Carols
Marcus Sealy, Ruth Faber, Peter King
LP, Priory 

This is especially nice when the girls hit the descants
and high notes generally. There is quite a range here,
twenty-four tracks, which include both well-known
and lesser-known carols. It was nicely recorded by
Neil Collier, who runs Priory and who talked to us, here
at Mstation, a couple of years ago. You can find him on the
music page.

The Naxos Book of Carols
recorded at St Jude on the hill, Hampstead
LP, Naxos

I'm going to mention this release of last year's again
because it was so nice.
(Count K)

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