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Fri, 31 Aug 2007


No, no, I'm not being rude while having an attack of SMS spelling. Johann Joseph Fux lived between 1660 and 1741 and you can get a recording from Carus by the Freiburger Barockorchester and entitled La Grandezza della Musica Imperiale - Composizioni per orchestra.

What's it like? Well, funny how often national charicatures are upheld by real world observation - no surprise really, that's how they became known in the first place. People who believe generalistion is impossible are, of course, simpleminded. Also simpleminded are those who can't see beyond generalisation, but never mind that. So, what should we expect given the foregoing? A certain stodginess? A certain kind of woodenness? How about a healthy regime stripped of bad-for-you additives such as decadent frivolity? These are, after all, the people who brought you the protestant religion.

That's all going a bit far but if we take a little overland trip to see what Lully was doing in France some of it is inescapably true. There is less grace and frivolity here. This doesn't make it bad: It is in fact quite pleasant to listen to and collectors of the baroque should at least give it a listen. (Baron K)

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