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Tue, 03 Jun 2008

Bach Viola

J.S. Bach, Die Sonaten fur Viola
da gamba und Cembalo,
Jordi Savall
Ton Koopman,

A little Bach, or better, a lot of Bach, every once in a while, is good for the soul I think. Some might quibble with the regularity of the pulses and feel better with, say, Mozart, or later still, with the great open fields (and dark forests) of Wagner.

This is a quibble, and it's not much of one and might be just a mood born of hearing a little too much techno thump-thump, and if we move to the harmony then all should be forgiven.

These sonatas were originally thought to have been from an early period of Bach's output but more recent scholarship places them later. I'm not sure it matters except that these are said to be amongst the few that don't conform to some grand design. One might suspect that they were "just" excercises but with Bach "just" does become a rather bigger word.

This recording is nice enough with two gifted musicians playing. I'm tempted to question the microphone choise and placement though... to me, it is too close and there are sounds you would only hear if you were the musicians themselves. (Baron K)

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