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Tue, 28 Oct 2008


various, Maria Cecilia Bartoli Orchestra La Scintilla, Adam Fischer, Decca

For some reason the Classical labels are making a more interesting fist of coming up with new ways of showing value to customers than the Pop people. Whether that's because the Pops have just given up under the weight of their own whining I don't know.

This release is a case in point - in the form of a hardback book with two CD's embedded in the back cover. The contents of both the book and the CD´s are to do with that interesting diva from the past, Maria Malibran and who better to celebrate her than the great Cecilia Bartoli herself?

The various numbers are taken from tour dates of Miss Malabran - from London, New York, Paris, Brussels, Naples, and Milan with the dates ranging from 1825 to the year of Malabran's death, 1836.

Bellini features prominently, along with Hummel, Mendelssohn, and Malabran herself. Naturally enough, Bartolli makes it all sound as nice as one would expect. (Baron K)

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