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Sun, 10 Dec 2006

Sting does Dowland

John Dowland, Songs from the Labyrinth
Sting and Edin Karamazov
LP, Deutsche Grammophon

There are some who say that all you need to know about Dowland is that he was chronically sad and wrote chronically sad songs. There are those who think Sting is rather sad as well.

Still, let's be fair here. The album has sold very well and the only Dowland expert of my aquaintance thinks Sting made a fair fist of this. For me, his voice is a little harsh these days for a true troubador and the project smacks a lot of using a well-known name to promote a project when I'm sure that there are lots of better voices around. Still, it could have been worse. It could have been the fellow with the funny hats. (Baron K)

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