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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

The Kirov celebrates Nijinsky

DVD, Arthaus Musik

Vaslav Nijinsky was born in Kiev in 1889. Later, in Paris under
Diaghilev, he was part of the sensation their ballet created.
He grew to be a legend in his own lifetime, which is even
more remarkable when you consider that he suffered from
schizophrenia and spent almost thirty years of his life in
various hospitals. He died in London in 1950.

Here we have ballet from Sheherazade, Le Spectre de la Rose,
The Polovtsian Dances, and Firebird. performed by the Kirov
at the Theatre Musical de Paris - Chatelet.

Ballet is a bit of a natural for DVD. Listening to opera is fine
but listening to ballet without vision rather misses the point
I think.
(Count K)

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