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Sat, 03 Feb 2007

Maerzmusik sampler

various, Maerzmusik sampler
LP, Festival organisers

This is available ffrom the organisers if you ask nicely. MaerzMusik is a festival of "aktuelle musik" held in March in Berlin.

There tend not to be too many people sitting on the fence for this sort of music and in some parts of the world there are hardly any people to sit in chairs for it either. Luckily, for Berlin's cultural richness, there are enough here to keep a festival going, and in good health as well. It is not my sort of thing I have to say. This sort of modernism in music seems sorely dated to me and has more than a few echoes of musty classrooms. Is that bad - what of classicism? Yes, well, quite! - except maybe this is not what it says it is.

In any case, the music here by such as Gagem, Steamboat Switzerland, and Wiesenberg is nicely realised and there's enough variety to make it engaging. (Baron K)

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