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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

Mozart, Cosi fan tutte

Teatro alla Scala
Riccardo Muti
DVD, Opus Arte

I must take one of these music DVD's along to the Bang and
Olufsen shop one day and plonk it on their most expensive system
to see what the sound is like -- a lush production like this
deserves a fair trial. Actually, I think the editor should
organise one for a hardware trial. Yes, he really should.
(Ed: I suppose I could say that the cars we test are more
expensive but this is a case of flying pigs, I think.)

Anyway, this La Scala production brought to us by Opus Arte is
of their usual high standard. No funny fellows being played
with avante garde productions (which almost never stand up to
camera closeups even though they might look passable in the

There is a full libretto in the program notes, and of course,
being a DVD, you can do things like turn the subtitles on or
off. This particular production was originally recorded for
television by RAI in 1989.
(Count K)

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