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Thu, 01 Jun 2006

Mozart: Die Zauberflote

Mozart, Die Zauberflote (Magic Flute)
Dorothea Roschmann, Erika Miklosa,
Christopher Strehl, Rene Pape, Hanno Muller-Brachmann
Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Claudio Abbado
2 CD's, Deutsche Grammophon

More Mozart! And that has to be a good thing even when it isn't the anniversary of his birthday. You might remember also that this opera contains the famous high C section which only a very sopranos can perform. It is also the most performed of Mozart's operas.

It has also been controversial with some people talking of the elements of freemasonry which appear -- something that wouldn't have been very popular with Mozart's masters had they cottoned on. You can read up on this aspect (and others) atšte if you care to. In any case, there are many scholars who dispute the masonic message thesis and some who find it laughable.

Die Zauberflote is a Singspiel and was concieved as a crowd pleasing composition that would also hopefully lift the audience's taste levels. Its elements of magic and allegory have pleased audiences ever since.

And this is a pleasing performance nicely captured. (Baron K)

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