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Thu, 01 Jun 2006

Mozart: the string quartets

Mozart, the string quartets
Hagen Qaurtett
7 CD's, Deutsche Grammophon

It is 250 years since Mozart's birth and there will be a lot of Mozart recordings being promoted to "celebrate" the event. It certainly is an event worth celebrating and what could be more fitting than sitting down to several hours of him while sampling some fine wines?

Then comes the problem of what exactly to listen to or maybe what to buy. This 7 disc set in a nice little box with some notes is not a bad place to start. The Hagen Quartett is very accomplished, the recording very nice, and the variety of music presented is enough to get you through a variety of evenings.

One interesting historical fact is that this whole genre of chamber music was started by Haydn and Mozart. Haydn had started the genre off and Mozart had solidified the idea with a dazzling array of compositions. (Baron K)

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