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Mon, 27 Feb 2006

Mozrt Requiem

Mozart Requiem
Miriam Allan, Anne Buter, Marcus Ullmann, Martin Snell
GewandhausKammerchor, Leipziger Kammerorchester,
Morten Schuldt-Jensen

Is it ironic, that I get to review MozartŐs Requiem in the anniversary year of his birth? This excellent example of choral and chamber expertise is an apt tribute to MozartŐs perfection in composition. Mozart himself did not wholly complete the requiem. He died believing he was writing his own Requiem Mass, and his student Franz Xaver SŸssmayer completed the music for publication in that same year, 1791.

The combination of first class soloists, choir, and chamber orchestra has produced one of the best recordings of the Mozart Requiem I have heard. This is among my top five favourite compositions, and this is definitely in my top 10 recordings. Significant moments are the perfect timing between the choir and the orchestra particularly in the Kyrie. The clarity of the soloists - the Bass in the Tuba mirum, the rapport between the soloists in the Recordare and the pure voice of Miriam Allan in the Lux Aeterna. One should also respect the wonderful interpretation of the Lacrimosa, made even more difficult by the fame of the movement.

This album also comes with a bonus CD entitled Grand Choral Classics. This has been added as a Naxos birthday celebration having produced excellent quality recordings for 18 years, and hopefully for many years to come.

(E Walton)

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