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Mon, 02 Oct 2006

Mutter Mozart

Mozart, The violin sonatas
Anne-Sophie Mutter
Lambert Orkis
4 CD's, Deutsche Grammophon

This "Deluxe Limited Edition" is the grand finale of Anne-Sophie Mutter's Mozart Trilogy and comprises 4 CD's of her playing wonderful violin along with Lambert Orkis on piano. It was recorded in Munich in February of this year (06) and so is a new statement rather than yet another remastering from the vaults.

In addition to this year being the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth (as you no doubt already know) it is also the 10th anniversary of Anne-Sophie Mutter's debut. She was picked out by Von Karajan when she was 13 and has hardly looked back since. Treated like royalty in Germany and the USA, she does get some grumpiness in England because of her high fee demands and some doubtfulness about her ability to fill seats in that place.

There is no doubting her ability to fill seats in other places and not much doubting of her ability either. Whether the style is exactly to your taste is another question but it is a style of today and it does have cool beauty. I would think Mozart violin sonata fans would want this. (Baron K)

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