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Sat, 03 Feb 2007

Romantic Cello Concertos

Schumann, Volkmann, Gernsheim, Dietrich
cello concertos
Alban Gerhardt
Hannu Lintu
CD, Hyperion

It is a bit of a coincidence that I'm listening to this on a wintry Sunday in Berlin itself where this CD was recorded. The city has a very rich classical music life with no fewer than three opera companies and a host of orchestral venues. The concerts are very frequently sold out as well so it's not just organisational wallpaper.

This is quite a nice and varied selection of cello music as well. People putting together these things sometimes get slightly carried away with the doleful and lugubrious which can be rather depressing - there is a certain school that actually holds that the cello is right in its element with that sort of thing. We know better of course. The cello is a wonderful instrument with a great range at its disposal. Using it merely as a faux bass is a crime.

Here we have a pleasantly varied selection that, being Romantic, does have its moments of loud pomp and crescendos that can have you rushing for the volume knob. It is all rather good though. (Baron K)

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