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Thu, 01 Jun 2006

Vivaldi: Dixit Dominus

Antonio Vivaldi, Dixit Dominus
Baldassarre Galuppi, Laetatus Sum, Nisi Dominus,
Lauda Jerusalem
Kornerscher Sing - verein Dresden
Dresdner Instrumental-Concert
with period instruments
Peter Kopp
LP, Deutsche Grammophon

The Vivaldi Dixit Dominus was only discovered in 2005 and caused great excitement. It all started back in 1750's or 60's when the court at Dresden, having lost their Italian composer, decided to order some music for the Roman rite from Venice. The supplier was a man called Baldan who slipped into compositions of Baldassarre Galuppi four works of Vivaldi under Galuppi's name. This was discovered in 2005 by an Australian scholar, Janice Stockigt. Good work!

So here we have a gorgeous Dixit Dominus from Vivaldi on it's first recording as well as, fittingly, works of Galuppi. In the notes they refer to Vivaldi as being Baroque while Galuppi is said to be more Early Classical but for most people the general impression will be one of Baroqueness. It's all well worth a listen... or three. (Baron K)

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