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Mon, 30 Oct 2006

Von Otter

I let the music speak
Anne Sofie von Otter
(Benny Andersson/Bj¿rn Ulvaeus/Tim Rice/Mats Nšrklit)
CD, Deutsche Grammophon

This is my first experience of Anne Sofie, and to begin with I was completely lost on the style of her voice. Obviously an accomplished singer, I did enjoy listening to her singing, and it wasnÕt long before I wanted to hear the other albums she has done (mentioned in the back cover). The music of Benny Andersson is known around the world most significantly with ABBA, and here, Anne Sofie realises an ambition to sing his works after seeing the musical DuvemŒla.

Her interpretation of The Winner Takes It All is excellent. Being an emotionally wrenching song in its own right, Anne Sofie draws on her own passion and in this arrangement it works beautifully; simply done, but not lacking in any warmth or love. Also Butterfly Wings, The Day before you Came, IÕm Just a Girl, and the two songs from Kristina frŒn DuvemŒla. I appreciate the Jazz influences on this music. Maybe IÕll learn Swedish one day!

Well worth getting this album, so enjoy! (E Walton)

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