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Fri, 30 Jun 2006

Wagner, Gotterdammerung DVD

Richard Wagner, Gotterdammerung
Heinz Krause, Wolfgang Schone, Henk Smit,
Jeannine Altmeyer
Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
Hartmut Haenchen
Pierre Audi
3 DVD's, Opus Arte

One thing about Mr. Wagner and his kuntesartsmusick is that you tend to get quite a lot of it. It is certainly not for the impatient and is almost a direct opposite to the concepts of bite-size and dumbed-down sound bites. Walking out of a shop with one of these is a statement - a statement that will keep you entertained for approximately two hundred and sixty-nine minutes.

This is the the fourth and final part of Der Ring des Nibelungen, otherwise known in English as the Ring Cycle. This was a new production in 1999 and was recorded in Holland for TV. Quite a few music DVD's come from a TV source and the quality can be variable but this one is quite alright and the production itself is quite an interesting one, with a rich, modern look to it that is well done and suited to this media. (Mr. Mayberry)

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