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Mon, 31 Oct 2005

X-men Legends, N-Gage


A dystopic future with lots of fighting to be done might sound familiar but this has enough complexity and adventure-like features to make for interesting and continued gameplay.

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Asphalt: 2, Urban GT: N-Gage

This is a familiar sort of genre these days. You're racing around public streets of different cities in very fast cars which you can choose from and add to once you get a bit of money from winnings and collecting tokens along the way.

The graphics are pretty good although the car control champion on this paltform is still the Mcrae rally game.

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Java Phone Games: X-Files, Robobouncer

We haven't looked at any Java Download games before and over the coming months we'll be testing a few to see what they're like.

X-Files: The Deserter
many phones, Elkware, Infospace

This is the first adventure game I've checked out for a phone. The start stop nature of such a game would appear to be quite suited to some waiting environments. Stopping playing causes no real problem here. If you're geeky enough to like these games, there's even less of a problem. This is in Java with a window onto the part of the world you're in and a row of actions underneath. Below that is where conversations and reactions to silly moves go. It's quite smartly done. On some platforms some people have created interfaces that are almost totally impenetrable -- how do these get past the testers? Do they have testers? Anyway, simplifying for the phone platform and trying to make the thing idiot proof has had good effect. In this game you start out in FBI headquarters in DC and need to get out to LA to investigate the grizzly murder of a colleague. Scully is around somewhere as well. Get the picture?

MTV Robobouncer
many phones, Infospace

In this one you are a robot that's a bouncer. Your job is to stop other robots getting into the dance club you stand in front of. No dress code here, or door bitch -- noone's allowed in! So, you just bop everyone. It's sort of bouncer heaven I guess. Other than bouncers, or people coming home from bars, this one is probably more suited to kids as it is, dare I say, fairly mindless.

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