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Fri, 28 Jan 2005

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Sometimes you wonder if people writing on this subject (games!) are fantastically ignorant or whether they're in the pay of evil forces.

"Pretend so-and-so doesn't exist and there's a Bermuda bank account for ya son" or something like that. The first console to spring to mind in connection with this is Nintendo's GC. The facts are that it has been profitable for years and there are more of them out there than Xbox's. To hear some people, you would think they were on their last legs and had one user out there.

Another is the N-Gage. It is not in the same postion as the GC but the company keep plugging away at it and their games are coming along well, yet there are snide asides in some mags that should know better, and even the spread of rumours that Nokia are about to give up.

Why is this? Do they want there to be one console and one handheld? Mstation doesn't. We like choice, and that comes from diversity obviously.

So, anyway, we'll be looking at quite a few N-Gage titles as they come up and whatever else interesting we can find.

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