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Mon, 04 Jul 2005

Glimmerati: N-Gage

from Bugbear/Nokia

You've just inherited some money from an uncle and want to make your way into a moneyed fast set in Europe. A smooth looking Euroman with a cigar, who sounds a little like Sean Connery, is the head of a club that races cars all over the place. Most of the racers seem to be beautiful women. You're given trial membership of the club, and now you have to perform (ahem) well enough to stay in.

And then you go racing. A cute thing about the game is that the action can either be a quick race or the whole game, and the whole game involves an interactive story line between races.

It's not too bad if the story line itself doesn't get on your nerves. The car dynamics are quite good but not in the class of a specialist thing like the recently released rally thingy. There are no different views in racing mode. You're in Eagle in the sky mode and that's it.

Once you get going you get car choises but the budget didn't run to licensing car names and shapes so you'll be faced a series of names you haven't heard of. The performance capabilities of each model are obvious though and maybe we quite like the thought that the developers ended up not playing the TM game.

There doesn't seem to be any rating attached to this game but I wouldn't give it to young kids to play. People might say that life is low-level immorality any way but why not let kids have a childhood? (Mr Twitch)

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