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Fri, 29 Apr 2005

Guild Wars Promo

Guild Wars launches today after a big PR campaign which included giving journalists access to the pre-release game complete with guides and instructions.

Below is one enthusiastic take on the game's launch ...

Guild Wars is the debut online role-playing game from ArenaNet and it was almost a year ago that ArenaNet shocked the world by allowing everyone who had an inkling to do so to try out Guild Wars during the weekend of E3.

Guild Wars will not charge a monthly fee. Merely buy the game and you are in. The game will offer new modules in the future, and the modules will cost additional money, but no $10-$15 monthly fee will be charged, period.

ArenaNet's unique streaming technology forever eliminates the concept of patching a game. You don't have to wait a month for the next big patch to experience new content. Instead, the game constantly and intelligently streams new content to your computer in the background while you play.

Guild Wars is created to allow you to play with a group or to play on your own. It's true that some missions would most likely not be possible with just one player, but with a system of non-player characters called henchmen, you can fill out a group without other players joining your team. You can also use henchmen to enhance a team of players. Simply choose a henchman from any of four selected professions -- or one of each -- and head out into the mission. You'll find that the henchmen are able players, and contribute towards the gameplay in meaningful ways.

Character management is easy to figure out and combat is of the mouse click variety. Although your character can have many skills at his or her disposal, they are allowed only eight in any given mission. Regardless of the reference, the adventuring begins with the universal first step of creating a character. For at least the immediate future all player characters will be human -- male or female Some of the names are a bit unusual, but it's easy enough to recognize them for what they are. In a few instances, an NPC may grant you the option of exchanging some skill slots, but only in skill-related quests. New players’ characters are on a different server than yours; in Guild Wars, all characters live in one seamless world.

With each class currently offering 75 skills, the potential variations are staggering. Every combination of two classes results in 150 possible skills from which to choose and with six different classes that makes&well; we'll leave the calculations to someone else. You don't have to be a math genius to recognize that it's an unbelievable number of options.

Guild Wars takes the best elements of today's massively multiplayer online games and combines them with a new mission-based design that eliminates the tedium of those games.

Within a quest you have unprecedented freedom and power to manipulate the world around you: your magic can build bridges and open up new pathways, or it can burn down forests and tear the ground asunder.

Two main sorts of adventures await players. Missions, complete with cinematics, advance a high-fantasy "save the world" central storyline. Quests offer a less involved experience for those times when you're more looking to just get together with a couple buddies and go slay some monsters, or even if you want to go by yourself. For those times when no one you feel like grouping with is around, computer controlled henchmen hang out by the gates to help fill out your party as needed.

Guild Wars has an ability to let you take from it what you want. For one player, it could be all about playing through the story, doing side quests and adventuring either solo or with friends. To another, the quests and missions may only be a means to an end and once having reached high enough level focusing on a gladiatorial career for the glory of self or their guild. For most we expect it will be some combination of the two, but it's the versatility to enjoy whatever you feel like on any given day that's most promising. All that remains to be seen is whether it can deliver on the potential and become the next online fantasy star.

Guild Wars will be on most store shelves on April 28th, but preorder customers will be able to enter Guild Wars on 12:01 a.m. Pacific on April 27th. The period of Early Access will extend for 48 hours.

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