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Fri, 28 Jan 2005

N-Gage: Colin Mcrae Rally, Codemasters

Not too bad at all. The graphics are nicely judged, with the level of detail about right for a small screen. The physics are impressive as you crash into trees and banks and maybe suffer a rollover or two. There isn't quite enough grunt in the CPU or memory to show after accident damage but you do get nice touches like a flashing taillight or two.

Starting off in a time trial soon reveals you only get to play in one place, but opting for a single rally soon changes the scenery. Graduating from that, you can miss planes, trains, and busses by going for a full championship and seeing a wide variety of scenery from all around the world.

You can create driver profiles that include what nationality and skill you are along with which car from a limited number of car choices. Once you're going along in a rally, you might damage the car and, like a real rally, you get to make choices of what you can repair within the time limit. (furd)

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