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Mon, 04 Jul 2005

Pathway to Glory: N-Gage

Red Lynx, Nokia

Brave in a way, this turn-based WWII game. Brave because turn-based games are seen as being part of a smaller segment of the market, and not offering the kind of instant gratification that a plain shooter might.

But smarter people have long been able to deal with deferred gratification where the reward was there, and clearly this style can add quite a lot to the complexity of a game because everything doesn't have to happen at once.

This game got an award at the recent MEM05 show in London for "Best Contribution to Mobile Games" or rather Nokia did, and deservedly so, not just for bravery but for the quality of the thing.

Having said, if WWII war games are not your thing, there's not particular reason to get it other than maybe to marvel at what can be squeezed into such a small box.

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