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Fri, 01 Apr 2005

Requiem of Hell

DigiRed, N-Gage

This is quite cute in a lot of ways even though it's rated 12+ ... mostly because of the concepts I guess. I mostly don't get ratings. Why is it that it's OK for people to be dismembered while at the first sign of a breast, or of the idea of sex (never mind the actuality) the ratings dears will be heading for their X stamps.

Anyway, one character used to be a prostitute and there's a lot of develish stuff about with the gate to hell having been opened and much death and pestilence resulting. Your job, should you accept it, is to, well ... guess!

There's a little pop-up fairy who guides you and gives you mission statements, and a whole bunch of nasties to dispose of in your task of saving humanity. The style is action adventure and it is kinda fun. (Mr Twitch)

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