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Fri, 28 Jan 2005

N-Gage: Shadowkey, Vir21 Studios

This is only on N-Gage and is the first adventure game I've seen for the platform. It supports one or two players as well.

To start with, as is usual with this sort of game, you construct your character from a range of different sorts like Knight, Mage, etc and you get to choose some sub-qualities as well. After that you're let loose in a 3D world where, as you close an object that you can do something with, you get a message on the screen. Enemies such as giant rats don't have a message but it's fairly obvious that the use of one of your weapons is necessary.

Players of these sorts of games won't find any difficulty in figuring out what's going on or what to do and I wouldn't think first-timers would have much of a problem either. One thing is that, on the big consoles, this sort of gaming is being bypassed by the big publishers who can only see the genre du jour. The way to keep this sort of thing alive is to support it. (kerfoham)

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