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Fri, 01 Apr 2005

Splinter Cell, Chaos Theory

Gameloft, N-Gage

The Gameloft people have a really nice touch with interface design. This one is cool looking and nice to use. They've also pretty much got the balance right of how much you can get on the N-Gage screen. This game is in full 3D and has nice surface renderings as well.

This time we're somewhere in the Pacific and Sam Fisher's job is to stop an impending world war. To that end we can stealthily crawl about the place and then zap the baddies as they come along. There's a training section to get us started and then off we go. Once we're going we can play with three friends over Bluetooth or get onto N-Gage Arena and play with anyone anywhere. It's not too bad. (Mr Twitch)

Ubisoft, Xbox

Highly rated by all who have played it with gamers giving it a generally higher score than the critics who have worried a bit about thin plots and self-referential jokes. CT has effectively been made a little easier by the fact that Sam Fisher's attacks are more effective.

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