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Fri, 01 Apr 2005

Woody McBride

4 track EP, Novamute

This is four tracks of Novamute's specialty: pacey dance with
innovative techno sounds and a hardcore edge.

Woody McBride aka DJ ESP is famous for running arena-sized, drug-free,
events around his native Minneapolis with 1 megawatt PA's.

While these four tracks aren't "out there" they are good dance
fodder and will get some feet moving. Where's my darn glow stick?!

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Twisted Disco

various, Twisted Disco
2 CD's,

"A twisted journey into the darker side of house" is what it
says on the cover. Twisted might also mean more creative or more
interesting even, and such is the case here with interesting
breaks and textures .. but of course this is still disco, so
there won't be much in the way of 5/8 time or whatever.

There are 24 tracks on 2 CD's from the likes of Terranova, Eric
Kupper presents, Lamb, Penny Foster, Deep Dish, Kush, Tall Paul,
and many more.

It's an up collection of dance tunes with a little social

If you're in London on 23 April you can catch a Hed Kandi
Party, The Back to Love Party at Pacha 10pm - 6AM
tickets at
(Dr Boots)

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DJ Corner

Tom Baker's Chart and Mix Mp3 at bottom

1. Demarkus Lewis - The House Guest EP - Guest House Music
2. Grant Dell - Acid Bubble - Stupendous
3. Demar Vs Janet Jackson - Unkown Title - Roxy3
4. Switch - This is sick - Front Room
5. Tom Baker + Lawrence Mohammed - La Diablada - Wrong
6. Mastik Soul - Zencisk - Moxi
7. Martin Venetjoki Ft Derek Conver - Really Dont Stop - Dust Traxx
8. Nick Chacona - X, Y and sometimes Z - Grayhound
9. Colin Brown - Just a feeling - Chapter
10. Asad and Tangun - Fear and Loathing by the Bosphorus - Wrong

Record reviews for TTR Magazine,, Radar Magazine,, and many more..

Grant Dell  Acid Bubble
Artist: Grant Dell
Title: Acid Bubble
Label: Stupendous
Cat no: STLP014
Grants returns to NYC's Stupendous recordings with this fine piece of
underground party funk. "Acid Bubble" is built up from an insatiable
rhythm pattern, multi layered FX and acid stabs. It's one of those
tunes that just rolls on and on effortlessly. "Inspire me" is a
deeper, techier work out, with shuffling percussion, pitched up vocal
FX and more cheeky acid tinges. 5/5
Jackie Johnson  Boobs and Biatch

Artist: Jackie Johnson
Title: Boobs and Biatch
Label: RZ
Cat no: RZ12
David Duriez's RZ maintains the "Blast from the past" ethos with this
4 track Chicago influenced EP. "Disco Boobs" is pure Chicago to the
core, with a cymbal based drum pattern and repetitive FX. "Return of
the wild bitch" takes on a DJ Pierre vibe, where an Akai piano riff
sits under a one-note string and lively drums. "Old Skool Biatch" is a
classic jazzy, jacking party work out and "The big track" is a
stripped back chi-town drum work out. 4/5

Solid Groove  This is Sick
Artist: Solid Groove
Title: This is Sick
Label: Front Room
Cat no: FRM010
Dave Taylor's "Switch" project continues with ultra loud, cut and
paste style, boundary-pushing house. "This is sick" is a one-sided
single-track release that certainly does what it says in the tin. The
bass line is like something from mars and a lovely female vocal sample
declaring the track title. The track then darts back and forth from
the main drum loop to a string-led breakdown and various other drum
loops patterns, ensuring the listener always gets what was least
expected! 5/5

Tony Thomas  Growth EP
Artist: Tony Thomas
Title: Growth EP
Label: Cubic
Cat no: Cubic002
The second release on Tony Thomas' new label see the man bringing a
slightly more electronic angle on his tried and tested percussive
productions. "Growth" is an infectious acid house number for those
peak time moments. "Serious" sees Tony use bring his musical skills to
the fore, with twangy guitar, trumpets a Hammond organ and a big room
peak time feel. "Remember" is a contemplative, chilled, deep house
roller, for much later in the night. A very useful EP. 4/5

Leigh Morgan vs. Harold Heath  House the weather
Artist: Leigh Morgan vs. Harold Heath
Title: House the weather
Label: Boxa
Cat no: Boxa 003
This collaboration results in two lively and intoxicating tracks.
"House the weather" is a funky, drum work out, with a rolling bass
line and some dizzy, uplifting vocal cuts and FX. The track for me
however is "Willy Wonka" with bundles of energy and more use of
intoxicating vocals and FX. Halfway through its breaks into just the
kick, and a sick reversed bass line which is going to shake people's
drinks off the table when played out on a system. 4/5

Rob-in  Hysteria EP
Artist: Rob-in
Title: Hysteria EP
Label: Brique Rouge Traxx
Cat no: BRT017
Rob-in, usually associated with musically composed jazzy house
presents a huge, big room, tribal monster in "Hysteria". Loud FX and
solid, rolling beats are pretty much all to be found here, but if this
was designed just to rip up dance floors then this will effortlessly
succeed. "Spirit" is jacking, electronic and emotive, with
multi-layered 80's synths and soft, spoken word. "Peace" lies in
Rob-in's more usual territory of jazz tinged, deep house. All 3 tracks
are excellently produced. 4/5

Flash Atkins vs. Monsieur Manton - Photoshoot
Artist: Flash Atkins vs. Monsieur Manton
Title: Photoshoot
Label: 3am
Cat no:
Flash Atkins aka Ben Davis lends a techy big room flavour to 3am's
house label in "Photoshoot".  Pitched down vocals hover over a bright
acid line and bursting bass line. "Wishpole" fits with 3am's
traditional, ligher sound, where jazz licks and double bass stabs sit
amongst a laid back, shuffling drum pattern and light vocals give a
summery feel. 4/5

Trevor Rockcliffe Ft Blake Baxter  Relax EP
Artist: Trevor Rockcliffe Ft Blake Baxter
Title: Relax EP
Label: Mentor
Cat no: Mentor010
Trevor Rockliffe and Blake Baxter re-kindle their relationship after a
long hiatus. And as you'd expect from two techno heavyweights as this
is a solid release of soul lifting techno. The main mix focuses on a
clean, punchy, drum arrangement, with Baxter's distinguished vocals
soothing your ears. The acapella unfortunately keeps the synth line,
which makes it almost unusable for any production heads wishing to
dabble with the vocals. The "Layback" mix is slightly deeper and
housier, the "Kickback" mix takes things firmly into techno territory,
with a marching drum arrangement. 4/5

Mastic Soul and Tony Thomas  Moxi 002
Mastic Soul and Tony Thomas
Title: Moxi 002
Label: Moxi
Cat no: Moxi 002
Second in the series from the tribal head honchos, this two tracker
sees one track from each producer. Mastik does the business with
"Zencisk", a simple, yet extremely effective percussive work out that
is aimed squarely at the dance floor. It consists of little more than
then the drums, bass and a scattering of effects, but when the rhythms
as good as this you don't need much else. Tony Thomas' aptly titled
"Bend your senses" is a deeper, drugier affair, built of the usual
tribal rhythms and a mirage of intoxicating samples, stabs and FX. 4/5

Download a twisted underground house mix - tracklisting upon request:

Tom Baker

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Subways, Oh Yeah

single, City Pavement

Good rocking, pacey, indy guitar stuff that deserves to grow into
an album and more. Nice phrasing from the vocalist that reminds me
a teeny bit of Violent Femmes.

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Stereo Sushi

various, Stereo Sushi Teriyaki
2 CD's,

One of the sometime joys of reviewing compiliations is figuring
out just what substance the record company was on when they
gathered their tracks under an idea. Stereo Sushi Teriyaki?!

It's possible the substance might have been sushi as there is 
talk of the warm feeling that sushi gives to its lovers. We'll
accept that one. But what about teriyaki? The answer is that
Stereo Sushi is a series and Teriyaki is the title of this
one in the series.

Anyway, this is two CD's worth of warm, soul-based grooves and
walkabouts featuring the likes of Jay-J, Colette, Gordon Edge,
Marillo, Leah McCrae and The Astrophunkers. 

It's good for late night dancing, sipping cocktails, or reading
urban stories.
(Dr Boots)

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Prefuse73, Surrounded by Silence

LP, Warp
out 21 March 05

Prefuse73 is Guillermo Scott Herren plus, on this release, quite a
few guests who include a range of rappers -- Beans, Aesop Rock, 
Masta Killa, Ghostface, and other vocalists and sound people.

This set does have hip-hop content but it's a lot broader than
that, being what GSH calls "the radio station of my mind"... a
station which plays trippy electronica with breaks and soulful
voices with wandering grooves behind them. It's all held
together by rounded qualities of the timbres used and a certain
understatement on the vocal front.

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New Order, Krafty

4 track single plus video, London

Bouncy new track from New Order is a straight pop
offering that's sure to be danced to a lot over the coming
months. It's fun and absolutely undemanding.

The four tracks are by The Glimmers, Phones Reality, Andy Green
and New Order itself. As always, it's interesting to see what
different people make of a track and what they choose to play

Sometimes I can't quite get used to the fact that a journey that
started with Joy Division has come to this place. Not that
fun is bad ...
(Dr Boots)

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Hood, Outside Closer


With a name like Hood we at first expected that these tracks might
have to do with inner-urban angst with certain stacato qualities
but then there are all those flowers on the cover .. even if they are
fuzzy flowers.

So no, it aint no hip-hop. Instead it's an ethereal thing with
instrumental grooves overlaid with harmonic soft voices -- rounded
tones and slow moving sadness and even a little angst.

It's a smoothly produced number with enough quirks to make it interesting --
touches like an electric guitar surfacing in the mix of Still Raining
make it more than New Age babble.

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Four Tet, Smile Around the Face

single, Domino

Four Tet is Keiren Hebden, guitarist with indy group Fridge.
Here, the instrument is the computer, and the whole of the
forthcoming album was produced by him, at home, with his
computer and hifi.

The sounds used come from samples and the things that happen
around us but this isn't an electro-accoustic meandering. It's
a carefully crafted tune with pop sensibilities and eclectic

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Chok Rock, Big City Loser

EP, Warp
re-release 2 May 05

The story of Gael Baillier involves a one gig band, an homicidal
ex business partner, Paris by night, and mutant electronica. 

There seems to be a French tradition of funky, inventive electronica
that doesn't attempt to squeeze itself into some existing genre in
order to get radio play or whatever. This isn't all electronica
though which just goes to illustrate the point further. The last
track on this EP is actually a mixture of soft balladic singing
and a melodic discourse.

It's all pretty nice.

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