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Mon, 27 Feb 2006

˙ūDepeche Mode

<pre><b>Depeche Mode, Playing the Angel LP, Mute</b></pre> <p>Still around after a few scares and quite a few years of synth-pop of a darkish nature, Depeche Mode are still in the same sort of groove (an LP of happy songs would seem a little peculiar). This set has the elegant power of the old days but has a little less grit as well. I think it's called growing old gracefully. <p>Anyway, while the level of electric angst might be less, the actual tunes and production are nice and slick. There is plenty to nod or dance to, and if you hanker after the old melancholia there's plenty of that as well, albeit with a softer less immediate feel to it. (Thunderfinger)

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