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Mon, 31 Oct 2005


various, Sound Affects: Malmaison
2 CDs, Bottletop

This is great stuff. I got a surprise when this was randomly selected from a pile to play the sound wars game with a neighbour who likes her TV volume set to stun. The first CD is a collection of rare Afrobeat from ... yes, Africa. The tracks have vibrance and life along with a barefoot funk that seems especially inspiring when you consider the sorts of places this music comes from. For people who are knowledgable about this genre, artists are the likes of Honny and the Bees, Orlando Julius, Awa-KLaSH, Dele Sosimi, and Yahoos.

The second CD consists of remixes by well known mixsters such as Bonobo, Zero, Okenfold, and Quantic. This is good, fun stuff, as well. Who wouldn't be inspired by the original tracks?

This is actually a charity set. Bottletop have to do with sexual health education iniatives and they also sell things like iPod cases and clothing. Malmaison are apparently a "lifestyle hotel group" and I guess they put up the seed money for this project.

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