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Thu, 01 Dec 2005


AFX, Hangable Auto Bulb
LP, Warp

This is pretty cool: Fast-paced, with broken beats and ever changing textures along with a sort of minor interval quasi- sadness about it. Actually, it's quite frenetic and well suited to dancing for those who are untroubled by breaks and changes.

Another thing I liked about it was the full spread of sound from the tops to the bottoms. This gives a nice wide open feel that contrasts nicely with the minor intervals and vaguely dark feel of the notes themselves. The textures used include FX-laden drum sounds, synth, and occasionally, voice.

The fact is, this CD is ten years old. This was Richard D. James's (aka Aphex Twin) first flutter with breaks and the original releases had become very rare and sought after by collectors. So, here's a second chance. (Dr Boots)

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